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Thank you for your interest in Komazawa Park International School. Before clicking on the green button to make an inquiry, kindly review the Admissions Requirements and Admissions Process below. Access to our school’s online application will be provided after the inquiry form has been received.
Please note that any field marked with an asterisk (*) in the inquiry form requires a response. Should you have any questions, please email our school at
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Admissions Requirements
All communication with KPIS is in English. In order to be considered for enrollment, at least one parent must be a fluent English speaker.
Children applying to Years 3, 4 and 5 will be assessed on their ability to communicate in English. This informal assessment will take place during the family interview.
We currently are accepting applications for only Acorn Year 1, Pine Year 4, and Oak Year 5 for School Year 2023-2024. We will begin to accept and process applications for School Year 2024-2025 from October 2, 2023.
Admissions Process
1. Inquiry Form
Please complete the online inquiry form.
2. Group Information Session and Tour
Please schedule an in-person Group Information Session and Tour through your OpenApply account. An in-person Group Information Session and Tour will be offered on one Saturday per month during our admissions season from September until February. This event will provide prospective families with an opportunity to learn about our program and see first-hand how our school environment looks and feels. Families will have the opportunity to play in the schoolyard for an additional 30 minutes after the tour ends. School staff will be available to answer any questions.
Kindly note that it is necessary for families to participate in this event before an interview with the Principal can be scheduled. Some families with special circumstances may receive a link to a recorded Information Session and Campus Tour if they cannot participate in the in-person event. 
3. Application Form and Application Fee
Please submit the application and complete the application fee payment of 16,500 yen. The KPIS Admissions Office will start to process an application after the application fee has been confirmed. If families are applying from overseas, the application fee will be charged together with Enrollment Fees if their child has been admitted and they accept our offer of admission.
4. Request Form for After School Care and/or School Bus Service
After the application fee has been confirmed, families will receive an email from the KPIS Admissions Office, asking that they complete the Request Form for After School Care and/or School Bus Service.
5. Application Checklist
The KPIS Admissions Office will notify families after all items on the application checklist have been completed.
6. Family Interview
Selected applicants will be contacted to schedule a family interview with the Principal. An interview is required prior to admission.
7. Admissions Decision
If accepted, please confirm enrollment by paying the Enrollment Fees. All school fees must be paid in full by the deadline(s) printed on the invoice(s).
Qualified applicants will be accepted on a rolling basis depending on space. If space is not available, qualified applicants may be placed in our wait pool and contacted should an opening become available during the school year.
Fees for School Year 2023-2024
Enrollment Fees  
Registration Fee 277,200 yen
Facility Development Fee 231,000 yen
Annual Fees  
Facility Maintenance Fee 110,000 yen
Tuition Fees  
Tuition Fees
Days per
Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
Year 1 Acorn 5 Days 854,700 yen 854,700 yen 854,700 yen
Year 2 Walnut 5 Days 854,700 yen 854,700 yen 854,700 yen
Year 3 Maple 5 Days 732,600 yen 732,600 yen 732,600 yen
Year 4 Pine 5 Days 732,600 yen 732,600 yen 732,600 yen
Year 5 Oak 5 Days 732,600 yen 732,600 yen 732,600 yen
Age Group Cut-off Date: September 1, 2023
Year 1: 18 months old | Year 2: 2 yrs old | Year 3: 3 yrs old | Year 4: 4 yrs old | Year 5: 5 yrs old
Enrollment Fees
Enrollment Fees constitute a non-refundable, one-time payment for every new student joining the school.
Late Enrollment
For students who enroll after a term begins, tuition fees will be calculated based upon weeks. However, there is one exception to this policy: in the case when a student enrolls in September, parents must pay for Term 1’s tuition fees in full.
Parents are responsible for the payment of school fees in full by the deadline printed on the invoice, even in cases when a third party such as a company will make the payment. Please note that all payments must include the student’s first and last name to ensure that payments are properly credited to the designated student.
Parents and companies are responsible for all bank transfer charges when transferring payments. Kindly refer to the school’s bank transfer details below.
Make Bank Transfers to:
Bank: Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
Branch: Jiyugaoka Branch (533)
Account Name: Komazawa Park International School
Account Name in Japanese: 駒澤パークインターナショナルスクール
Account Type: Savings (普通)
Account Number: 2364504
Bank Address: 1-29-9 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-0035
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