A+ Program is a truly comprehensive language arts program for children ages 3 through 15 years old and represents the result of a merger between Afternoon and Evening Programs, both established more than 15 years ago. Today, as when it was founded, our highly qualified and dedicated teachers support students step by step as they master English language skills in a caring learning environment.

A+ Program’s

A+ Program's mission is twofold. First, we strive to develop our students’ reading, writing, speaking and listening skills so they can communicate their feelings, ideas and opinions effectively. Second, we aim to create an atmosphere where our students learn how to use English as a means to open doors of opportunity in the future.

Free Consultation

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English Programs

We offer two unique language programs. One English program is for students who attend preschools and kindergartens, and the other English program is for students who attend elementary and junior high schools.


Highly Qualified

A+ Program hires highly qualified and dedicated educators who have both knowledge and experience to support students as they explore and learn together.

Small Class

We are proud to offer a low student-to-teacher ratio in all of our classes so that optimum attention can be afforded to each student. Research indicates that a low student-to-teacher ratio can increase student achievement and provide lasting academic benefits.


The combination of our highly qualified teachers, small class sizes and curriculum contribute to the high degree that students are able to strengthen their reading and listening skills.

Parent Testimonials

We are extremely grateful to the many parents who have shared their family’s wonderful experiences in A+ Program. Click on the link below to hear what our customers think about us.

A+ Program has been valuable for not only the English education of our children but also their general development and personal growth. The combination of sending our children to Japanese school with the English lessons at A+ Program has helped them to be truly bicultural in terms of language skills, thought processes and cultural understanding.

Free Consultation

Contact us today to ask questions and schedule a free level check and trial lesson.


A+ Program isn’t only about studying. It’s also about a world of experiences. Students can take advantage of a wide variety of opportunities throughout the school year to expand their horizons.

Application Process

If your child is age-eligible for our preschool program, our staff will contact you to schedule a free trial lesson.

If your child is age-eligible for our elementary and junior high program, our staff will contact you to first schedule a free level check followed by a free trial lesson.

When you visit the school, you will receive A+ Program’s application form.

After your child’s trial lesson, complete and submit the application form if you would like to apply.

Our staff will contact you within a week to inform you whether or not your family has been accepted.


With so many options available, we understand that choosing an English language school can be difficult. Our staff is ready to answer your questions so you have all the necessary information to select the right school for your child.