EVENING PROGRAM   6 – 15 years old
Program Information
Individuals born and raised in an English-speaking country have the natural advantage of being immersed in its cultures and customs. On the other hand, a non-native English speaker may learn the language in their respective country, where the inherent culture is completely different. KPIS emphasizes the importance of learning about cultures and customs associated with the English language and applying it in a Western environment.

In recent years a number of large corporations in Japan have begun to operate in English and adopt Western business philosophies and management styles. Individuals who want to succeed in these firms need to know how to use the English language in an effective and appropriate manner. Both public and private Japanese schools fail to adequately prepare students for this kind of atmosphere. However, our program helps students become culturally literate and proficient in the English language.

English proficiency can reap immeasurable rewards in today’s society. An individual who can use English effectively can express his/her ideas to anyone, anywhere in the world. The ability to express oneself adeptly in English requires special training and proper education. After all, understanding English and understanding how to use the language as a “tool” to your advantage are two completely different things.

KPIS believes that fostering Western cultural awareness is essential for effective communication. Our program focuses grammatical competence and communicative performance as students learn the English language in context to Western culture and customs. Students master target vocabulary, grammar and develop all four areas of language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.
The Evening Program helps students develop:

an awareness of the nuances of the English language in context to Western culture;
competency in grammar, listening, phonics, reading, speaking, spelling and writing;
confidence, creative thinking, resourcefulness;
proficiency in expressing their thoughts and ideas orally and in written form; and
skills in effective presentations.
Textbooks & Workbooks:
Classes in the Evening Program are divided into different language levels to meet our students’ learning goals and needs, and as a result, the textbooks, workbooks and other resources used by each class vary. Most of the textbooks in our program focus on phonics, reading or conversation. Our students regularly use the following textbook series: Primary Phonics, Houghton Mifflin Reading, Let’s Go and Side by Side.
Special Characteristics:
High-Level Teachers
Comprehensive Language Program
ESL Approach
Distribution of Weekly Lesson Plans
Mastery of Phonics Rules
American School Textbooks and Workbooks
Progress Reports, Parent Conferences, Observation Days

Registration Fee 32,400 yen
Tuition Fee
  Term 1
Term 2
Term 3
Weekday 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.
2-Hour Lesson

4,752 yen/Lesson
Parents interested in enrolling in the middle of a term should contact the school.
Textbook fees will cost approximately 10,000 - 20,000 yen.
Age Group:
6-15 years old
Elementary and Junior High Students
Class Schedule:
Classes are divided by language level
16 Different Language Levels
Approximately 42 Lessons per Year
Free Make-up Lessons
Class Size:
Maximum Number of Students per Class: 12 students
Average Number of Students per Class: 6 students
School Hours:
Monday – Friday: 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
School Year:
Term 1: August – December
Term 2: January – March
Term 3: April – July
Student Body:
A majority of the students in the Evening Program are Japanese returnees, graduates of international preschools and graduates from KPIS’s Afternoon Program
Entrance Requirements:
Applicants must first complete a level check test. Based upon the results of the level check test, students then will be able to have a trial lesson in a class that meets their language level. Level check tests and a trial lessons are both free of charge.
Evening Program Graduates:
We are confident in our program, and we know that what we offer is valuable based on results from standardized tests, weekly observations, and the success of our graduates. Over time, students in the Evening Program develop and enhance their language skills to a very high degree.

Our graduates have been accepted by many prestigious educational institutions with strong English programs such as ICU High School, Keio Shonan Fujisawa Junior High School, The American School in Japan, Tokyo Metropolitan Kokusai High School, Tokyo Metropolitan Toyama High School and Waseda University.
Evening Program Umbrella:
The Evening Program offers students a wide variety of extracurricular activities year-round under its giant “umbrella”. We regularly encourage students to take advantage of these fun and educational programs as there really is something for everyone!
EIKEN Juku helps students study and prepare effectively for the EIKEN Test. All coursework and instruction for EIKEN Juku is conducted in English rather than in Japanese. Evening Program students have performed extremely well on EIKEN Tests thanks to EIKEN Juku. Since 2008, we’ve had positive results with a 100% success rate for the Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 Tests, and an 86% success rate for the Pre-Grade 2 Test.
Hawaii Homestay Program:
The Hawaii Homestay Program started in 2013 and represents the newest program within the Evening Program Umbrella. The Hawaii Homestay Program takes students to Hawaii for one week every spring. Once in Hawaii, students have the amazing chance to:

apply the English skills that they gained at KPIS in real-world situations;
learn about Hawaii’s culture and traditions;
develop lasting friendships;
live with a local Hawaiian family; and
share Japanese culture with foreigners.

Students can apply for Hawaii Scholarship Awards worth 180,000 yen in total.
Enrichment Events:
Enrichment Events provide students with the opportunity to enjoy using English in a comfortable setting where they can participate in a combination of indoor and outdoor activities. Enrichment Events encompasses the following programs.

2-Hour Seasonal Events: Students celebrate common Western holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter. This is a great introduction to Enrichment Events, especially for young students ages 6 through 8.
KPIS City Tours: KPIS City Tours takes students on English-guided excursions to the aquarium, museum and theater, among many other exciting locations.
KPIS Scouts: Students explore the great outdoors as we visit spots such as Enoshima and Mount Takao.
Sleepovers: We offer two unique sleepovers every year. Our annual Halloween Sleepover and Summer Sleepover are very popular events.
Summer Camp:
Students go on a 3-day camping adventure in the Japanese countryside where they have fun communicating in English, cooking, fishing, hiking, lighting fireworks, playing games, swimming in rivers and so much more. Summer Camp is a wonderful bonding experience for all the students who enroll.