AFTERNOON PROGRAM   3 – 6 years old
Program Information
Afternoon Program is separated into 2 levels: The first is for beginners, and the second is for advanced students. Beginner Level is aimed at making learning English fun and easy, even for students with little or no English ability. Students who attend Japanese preschools and kindergartens are more than welcome to join, and all students learn English at a comfortable pace in a natural atmosphere.

Advanced Level is designed to maintain and improve the English level of students who have returned from living overseas and for students with an advanced English level. Students who complete Advanced Level in Afternoon Program usually transition smoothly to Evening Program (for elementary and junior high students).

Registration Fee 21,600 yen
Tuition Fee
  Term 1
8/23 - 12/12
Term 2
1/7 - 3/29
Term 3
4/1 - 7/19
1/Week 69,120 yen 51,840 yen 64,800 yen
2/Week 138,240 yen 103,680 yen 129,600 yen
3/Week 207,360 yen 155,520 yen 194,400 yen
4/Week 276,480 yen 207,360 yen 259,200 yen
Parents interested in enrolling in the middle of a term should contact the school.
School Hours:
Monday – Friday: 2:45 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
School Year:
Term 1: August – December
Term 2: January – March
Term 3: April – July
Class Schedule:
Beginner Level:
Monday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday
Advanced Level:
Monday, Tuesday,
Thursday, Friday
Age Group:
3 – 6 years old
* Child is toilet-trained
* Child does not have separation anxiety
with parents or guardians
Special Characteristics:
Advanced classes for Japanese returnees
Monthly study sheets for easy-review at home
Evaluation sheets every term
Fun seasonal events