A Warm Welcome to
Komazawa Park International School!

I am excited to welcome you to Komazawa Park International School (KPIS), a joyful and caring learning environment for children ages 18 months through 6 years. The early childhood years are critical to lifelong learning and success. At KPIS, we are committed to building relationships with children and their families that will foster continued delight in learning and discovery.
Our students are encouraged to be creative thinkers who exhibit resourcefulness in problem solving. They are risk takers who ask questions and explore ideas, viewing mistakes and failures as learning opportunities. Children at KPIS are developing confidence, independence and social and emotional adaptability as they interact with caring adults who value and support their growth and development in all areas.
At KPIS, our teachers are highly qualified, dedicated and nurturing educators who support students as they explore and learn together through play and guided activities.
We are proud of the environment we provide for children that is rich in nature. In addition to our beautiful facilities with a private play-yard and edible garden, our students have opportunities for regular supervised extended outdoor play at the nearby Komazawa Olympic Park.
Within a framework of daily routines, our students participate in enriching conversations, literacy activities as well as scientific and mathematical inquiry alongside their teachers and peers. Creative teachers carefully plan learning opportunities based on student needs and interests laying a foundation for future learning and growth.
As you consider the educational options that are best for your child, I encourage you to visit us at Komazawa Park International School to see for yourself the warm and caring community we offer for children to discover, learn and grow.
Merete L. Kropp
Diane Takao | レギュラープログラムの入学をご検討されている方 | 世田谷の英語幼稚園 駒沢パークインターナショナルスクール
Merete L. Kropp
Merete Kropp has been an Early Childhood Educator for 25 years. Merete has a B.S. in Early Childhood and Elementary Education and earned an Ed.M. in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard Graduate School of Education and a Master’s in Language Education and Reading from Indiana University. She has taught in a wide range of classroom settings from Dakar, Senegal to Massachusetts, USA and Tokyo, Japan. Merete firmly believes that children learn best when they are in a stable, nurturing environment where they can participate in responsive interactions with caring adults. Adults support children’s growing independence when they value each stage of development as unique and important. Merete has written a number of articles related to Child Development for parents published in Washington Post, Huffington Post and Parent Co. Merete and her husband Todd have two daughters and one son. Merete enjoys cooking, reading and walking her dog.